“Fără asfalt” (Off-road) Triathlon can be enjoyable trip in nature, if you are a biginner, but can become a challenging race, and if you are a senior triathlete. We chose routes that helps disconnecting from everyday life and mind inviting meditation. We believe that addressing the underlying pace of the race brings more benefits! If, however, you want to compete, you will discover a pretty route along with other technical trained triathletes.

1000 m swim in Maneciu lake
Bike trail starts at the Maneciu lake and climbs towards Schinda waterfall, through the forest, on the shore of Telejenelului then back to Board Buții, above the village of Slon. There are 21 km. Positive elevation: 560 m.
With a distance of 7 km, it starts on Plai, down to its tip Crai and back. Positive elevation: 210 m.