Up on the Plai, at the headquarters of the event, above the Slon village, we will arrange a camping in which we can sit with the tent. Like last year, the camping will be equipped with showers and ecological toilets.

Accomodation nearby:

  • Valea Tocii
    • Moise Maria, 0766.204.255, Adresa: nr. 104
  • Valea Borului
    • Petre Camelia, 0765.242.155, Adresa: nr. 76A
  • Cerasu
    • Pensiunea Cerasu, 0722.631.200, Str. Principala nr. 231
  • Valenii de Munte
    • Casa Sion, 0724.002.400, Str. Progresului nr. 97-93
    • Hotel Ciucas, 0244.280.425, Bd. Nicolae Iorga nr. 75
    • Hotel Capitol, 0244.281.965, Bd. Nicolae Iorga nr. 50

Road to Cerasu

To Sloan can be reached very easily if of Vălenii de Munte watch pointer to Drajna from out of town when you coming from Ploiești or input when you are coming from Brasov. Going this way, you must to turn to the left after about 4 km to Drajna de Sus. From there you will go through the Podurile, Valea Borului, Cerasu and you will reach in Slon.

To get to the Plai, at the headquarters of the event, continue the road that crosses the Slon village. The road is not completely asphalted, but it is practical.

For the most technical of you, the GPS coordinates are 45°19’24.5”N 26°02’24.7”E, but we’ve also made a map.

Transition flows

At the Fara Asfalt Triathlon contest in the mountains there are two transition areas: transition area 1, on the shores of Lake Măneciu, where the transition from swimming to bicycle and and transition area 2, on the Plai above the Slon village (Event Headquarters), where you can make the transition from cycling to running and where the finish line will be.

Consequently, our proposed flow is:

  • In the morning of the race we all see of Plai headquarters;
  • Competitors at triathlon or bicycle and running (relay) leave their running gear in transition area 2 (on Plai), then down on bike to the lake (transition area 1). Here they arranges his bicycle equipment at the rastel and prepares for the contest;
  • After the swimming test, they leave their swimming equipment in the bags with the contest number you receive in the participation kit. We, the organizers, will bring the bags to the Plai, after the competition each competitor will find his swimming equipment at the racing station in the transition area 2, after the end of the race;
  • For the competitors participating in the swimming test, the transport from Lake Măneciu to the place of the Plaiul Slonului is not assured. Access to cars is also prohibited as the bicycle test will be in full swing.


If a triathlete or runner-up for the Bicycle + Run test wishes to come Saturday morning directly to the lake (at start), can leave his running equipment at the organizers on Friday between 16.00 and 22.00. The organizers will place the equipment on the rastel with the appropriate competition number in the transition area 2.