The headquarters of the event is at Micul Golf, on the beach, at the end of the village 2 Mai, towards Vama Veche.


  • Normally, the sea water at the beginning of June is between 19 C and 21 C, but we will announce the water temperature before the event.
  • For a lower water temperature of 18 C, the organizers reserve the right to interrupt the swimming event for competitors who exceed 30 minutes in the water. They can continue the competition with a penalty of 15 minutes at the total time of the competition.
  • For water temperatures below 16 C, the neoprene suit is mandatory.
  • For water temperatures higher than 24 C, the neoprene suit is not allowed.
  • Because open water swimming can be a challenge, we will provide you with safety buoys (optional floats), which will keep you safe and help you reach the finish, but without affecting your speed or course.
  • We will not rent swimming or cycling equipment (bicycles, helmets, neoprene suits, etc.).

Water temperature at the previous editions

Temeratura fara asfalt


  • The prizes will be given according to the categories from the regulations.


  • After the race, at 13:30, we invite you to try the pasta made at Micul Golf and drink an Ursus beer with us. However, this is just the beginning of the party: we will continue on good vibes rhythms at the awards ceremony and shortly after this the dance will start. Our advice is not to make another arrangements for the evening!